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Dat Nose by Mahkohime Dat Nose :iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 6 0 Ready for My Close-up, Mom by Mahkohime Ready for My Close-up, Mom :iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 4 2 Washie Washie by Mahkohime Washie Washie :iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 2 0 Tired But Wide Eyed by Mahkohime Tired But Wide Eyed :iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 4 0
Every day
I feel the noose
get a little tighter.
My spirit's life
is being squeezed out
like water from a sponge.
The mountain on my back
inches me toward the ground
as gravity has its way.
The overused gears
in the machine that is my body
are grinding to a halt.
The day is coming
when it will all stop.
But will I be, that day,
Or dead?
:iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 1 0
Pickles Poses by Mahkohime Pickles Poses :iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 2 0 Before Strawberries by Mahkohime Before Strawberries :iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 3 0 Purple Spring by Mahkohime Purple Spring :iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 2 0
At the edge of a steep cliff
the world starts to crumble.
Part of me wants to fall
But I am held in your gaze.
Your hand pulls me
from the icy water.
I didn't know I was drowning
until you gave me breath.
Hands upon the steering wheel
I'm no longer on the path.
Before I crash in a firey blaze
You set me back on track.
Countless times I stumble
on this rocky trail of life.
Anytime I am about to fall
my Savior saves me again.
:iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 2 0
I call your name,
But you can
no longer hear
my voice.
I hold your hand,
But you can
no longer feel
my touch.
I reach for you,
But you are now
far, far away.
:iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 2 0
Sometimes when I let myself
feel the pain,
it's like I'm alive again.
I wish I could drop this mountain
from my tired shoulders.
One day it might get too heavy for me.
I'm so tired these days,
couldn't I just close my eyes
and let the darkness take me?
But I must struggle on...
...for the day I will meet you.
:iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 2 0
Land Alone
My feet splash into the cool water
as waves crash into the beach.
It all looks so deserted,
like I'm alone here.
The sky is a brilliant blue.
The warm breeze caresses my cheek
and moves through my hair.
Not even the sound of gulls is heard,
in this land of sand and surf.
The sound of the water is soothing.
I can smell salt and seaweed
around me as I walk.
There are no boats on the horizon,
the sea is empty.
The air is so warm.
I open my eyes
and my refuge evaporates
back to the corners
of my mind.
:iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 2 0
All But You
Seeping through my fingers,
emotions flowing endlessly,
tears invisible to all
--all but you.
How is that?
Pounding on my metal box,
blood pouring from tired hands,
screams inaudible to all
--all but you.
Why do you hold me so tightly?
Stumbling in the dark,
afraid of the road unseen,
blind to all
--all but you.
What gives you such a warm light?
:iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 2 0
Fall Again by Mahkohime Fall Again :iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 1 0 Cozy Toasty by Mahkohime Cozy Toasty :iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 2 3 Gimmie Dat Toasty by Mahkohime Gimmie Dat Toasty :iconmahkohime:Mahkohime 3 2

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Mahkohime's Profile Picture
Michelle Jiskra
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I do many forms of art, including drawing, photography, baking, literature, plushie making, and working with polymer clay. I also make avatars when the mood strikes me. If you want to see something, let me know!

I was born in 1984 and am currently married to Koenken. We live with my parents due to the crummy economy and have 2 cats and no children as of yet. I enjoy reading, anime, manga, kitties, and spending time with my husband. I am a Christian and serve in the church, but I will not look down on you if you do not believe what I do. If I am not on here I will likely be on Facebook or busy doing my job as a housewife!
So yeah, I haven't done much here in a while. While there are many reasons for that, i will save the "text wall" for another time. Meanwhile I will do this:

Taken from :iconk-koji:'s journal.......

1.You're driving  away from a severe hurricane and you see three people at a bus stop. One is an old lady and she's sick. One is your best friend and he saved your life. And the third is the love of your life. Now, you only have room for one person in your car, which one do you take with you?

Firstly, I would not likely be driving a car as i do not currently have a license, but I'll play along. My answer? I would get out of the car and let my friend and the older lady in the car. My love and i would stay and try to survive, if possible. I'm pretty good at surviving.

2. Do you smile more than you frown?  
Nope. Mostly my face is pretty blank, mostly due to my upbringing. But i suppose i would frown a bit more than i smile, as i tend to be more "pessimistic" (my husband calls me that; I beleive I am more of a realist).

3. How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25?
Infinite, if we are including negative numbers.

4.4. Even if they are starving, natives living in the Arctic will never eat a penguin's egg. Why not?

I have not researched or lived in their culture, so I do not know, but my guess is that it is either a religious reason, or because they are so connected to the Earth. Or you could be just lying to me, too.

5. Why are 1990 American dollar bills worth more than 1989 American dollar bills?

Why should I care. I have little money.

6. 6. In what year did Christmas and New Year's fall in the same year?

According to my friend Google, this is a trick question. Next.

7. 7. If you only have one eye...are you blinking or winking?

This question is irrelevant, although you would likely know a wink from a blink due to an exaggerated expression of the eye and face.

8. 8. Why are the adjectives 'fast as' and 'slow as' often used in conjunction with hell, is hell slow or fast?

The sayings were born the same way most are, and they made sense at the time, and in the context they were used.

9. 9. A taxi driver was called to take a group of passengers to the train station. The station is normally an hour away, but with traffic being extra heavy, it took a full hour and a half. On the return trip the traffic was still as heavy and yet it took only 90 minutes. Why?

90 minutes IS an hour and a half, unless I am missing something.

10. :10. What is one thing that all wise men, regardless of their religion or politics, agree is between heaven and earth?

Define WISE.


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